Capitalize on Talent

America’s talent pool includes people with disabilities at every level of skill and education, from entry-level laborers to experienced professionals with advanced degrees.  Further, there is ample evidence that the careful matching that goes into putting the right person with a disability into the right position leads to a better fit of longer duration, ultimately increasing productivity and adding tremendous value.  We can help you:

  • Access This Talent – Using a variety of tools and relationships to connect you with our broad-based pipeline of disability talent.
  • Utilize This Talent – We can provide you with the combination of our expert accommodation strategies, and our skilled team to create custom strategies.  This will help your business to maximize the talents of employees with disabilities, whether new hires or long time employees whose disabilities are recently acquired.  Even better, many of these strategies have little or no implementation cost.
  • Plan for This Talent – Whether you are a federal contractor looking to design a program to bring your workforce up to the 7% people with disabilities called for in by federal regulation, or simply a forward thinking business owner who understands that getting in early on disability talent leads to huge competitive advantage, we can help you design a long-term strategy to vastly increase the percentage of your workforce with disabilities.

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