Presentations, Workshops, & Tools

Capitalizability LLC is pleased to offer programming and consulting for a wide variety of environments

Tools for Business

Embracing principles of universal inclusion makes good sense on all-levels of a company’s operation. On this page you will find presentations, workshops, and consulting tools to help your company seize the opportunities represented by both employees and consumers with disabilities

Tools for Faith Organizations

 Empowering the inclusion of all who seek connection to Divinity benefits enriches a community to the benefit of all members. This page contains programming and tools designed to help faith organizations and communities tear down the physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers that stand between us. 

Tools for Education

Whether your focus is on serving a broader student base, or on drawing faculty and staff from a more diverse population, this page has programming and consulting services to help meet your goals.  

Youth Programming

Because so many of our core beliefs and approaches to the world are formed when we are young, youth programming is essential to creating a better world for everyone. On this page are presentations and workshops for all age groups and for both local communities and summer camps. 

Consulting Services

Through our consulting services, Capitalizability LLC works with clients in both the business and non-profit worlds to implement and fine-tune the cultural and physical steps that are critical to building an inclusive world. 

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