Capitalize on Market Power

People with disabilities represent 50 million consumers in the US alone.  Like most consumers with specific needs, they show incredible loyalty to the companies that take these needs into account in product design.  Further, once they find a product that works, they are less likely to leave that product behind on a whim than a consumer without specific needs.  Companies that understand this are establishing a dominant place in this growing market.  We can help you:

  • Learn From the Consumer with a Disability – In order to win the consumer, you must understand her. Capitalizability consulting can help you develop strategies for targeted consumer research on the disability market. We will work with your internal and external market research partners to help identify, connect with, and learn from disability consumers.
  • Design for the Consumer with a Disability – After identifying a consumer need, the next step is to meet it.  Capitalizability Consulting will work with your product development team to help you to add the features to your products which will help you to win the consumer with a disability.
  • Reach the Consumer with a Disability – Getting your message effectively to consumers with disabilities is about more than featuring people with disabilities in your advertisements.  We have experts that can help you determine the best strategy, from language and images to medium and venue, to reach and speak to consumers with disabilities.  This includes everything from designing advertisements to training sales and service forces.

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